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Music Jotter is a real pleasure to use. It is very user friendly and easy to jump straight into. It has everything you would need to compose an orchestral piece, band piece, or any other type of arrangement.

It is easy to use, being that everything is displayed clearly, and the components that are more complex are explained to you as you’re using them. Tools such as repeats, tuplets, dynamics, and grace notes are all easily accessible and easy to select and use immediately. Tools that need to conform to the rules of music theory more closely must be used in a more specific manner, but it is all explained as you do it. For example, changing the key signature or clef is not as easy as clicking and dragging the other components, but it is clearly explained how to do it if you do it incorrectly.

Another point worth noting is the simple actions that make your work easier and faster. When deleting notes in a chord, the mouse jumps to the next note in the chord in order to allow you to delete the entire chord quickly. It’s a small feature, but much appreciated.

The Music Scrubbing tool is extremely helpful and easy to use as well. It allows you to hear small details in your piece, listen out for mistakes, consider changes, or listen to it at different tempos, which also saves a lot of time.

The program also comes with separate voices, which can be used for chorales, divisi, or complex piano pieces. It, as most components of the program, is very user friendly.

This program is a joy to use and is fantastic for those who are not computer savvy. It still has a few bugs, but they are very minor and the developer is very attentive to bug reports and very accommodating.

I highly recommend Music Jotter for those interested in a notation program.

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