Like what you see?

This product is nowhere near what the finished product will look like. It will be optimized, and even have a standalone version with the proper funding.
Proper funding will enable me to hire 2 engineers to help me launch Music Jotter into a production state.
If you like what you see and would like to be an early adopter with a 65% discount and waived monthly fee, follow these steps:

Music Jotter for Cloud - Demo Zone

  • Built by an empathetic composer who understands the problems.
  • Very flexible. Display your score with any page dimension and scale factor, and export the pdf if you wish by adding /pdf/true/ to your scores
  • Share your scores anywhere, you just need the link.
  • Can have everything and more of original prototype

What you can do

  • Create a new score. All scores are saved to a universal Demo account that everyone can see.
  • Click on the notes tab. This tab is 95% finished (grace notes are being worked on now!).
    • The ribbon controls everything you need in Music Jotter and this is what the finished product's ribbon will roughly look like: Ribbon
  • Left click to add a Normal or Petite note. Remember, grace notes are not functional yet.
  • Right click to delete a note.
  • Place notes low enough, the bass clef will auto appear. However there will still be a way to enforce a clef.
  • Click on the "Tuple Ratio" dialog box in the ribbon. Now you can add custom tuplet shortcuts to the ribbon.
  • Add triplets and quintuplets! Or even a 17th if you wish!
  • Refresh the page to save the midi and space the score.
  • Export your score to pdf. Click on example 1 or example 2 above, and change the attributes if you desire.


  • Grace notes not functional for this demo.
  • This demo is meant to display the potential of Music Jotter. This is not a complete product yet.
  • There will be performance issues, not optimized for production level yet.
  • The server Music Jotter is on now is also not optimized or supercharged. Music Jotter is very quick on my development computer. This is why I aim to package Music Jotter as a standalone app if there is enough support for this project.