Music Jotter

Easy Music Notation Software

With a strong focus on ease of use and fluidity, Music Jotter is quite a powerful sheet editing software that can aid composers in creating beautiful scores. It’s simplistic design
can’t be matched, and its the most responsive music notation software.

Music Jotter also enables users to connect, share and post messages to one another, either directly through the software, or through our active community, Young Composers. If you need assistance with your piece, or wish your piece to be reviewed, you can do so within Music Jotter.


  • Create, edit and publish music scores.
  • Dynamic and static formatting.
  • Add text and lyric events.
  • Supports human playback.
  • Special dynamics such as slurs, arpeggios and octavas.
  • Easy note entry and deletion.
  • Full featured mixer to control tracks.


  • Publish your piece for others to review.
  • Collaborate on musical scores directly within Music Jotter
  • See who is currently online, so you can request for help or tips.
  • See which topics are hot on Young Composers