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Personal Composer PC-Pro. Click to download a demo! Then read my testimonal.
Personal Composer is a powerful music notation software, MIDI, sequencing, publishing and music maker program. If you are looking for an affordable, but professional way to write or arrange music, Personal Composer is your music editor solution.

Whether you are a serious composer or a casual hobbyist, Personal Composer offers so much flexibility in such an easy to understand composition environment, it frees you to concentrate on your music! There is absolutely no need to read a long and confusing manual, because you will figure out 90% of the program by trial and error on your first week. Listed below, are some of the necessities any serious composer would find a requirement in a software notation music maker software package. And don't forget to visit our Online Music Store to make your purchase today!

Personal Composer Notation Software Features

  • No need to bury yourself deep into confusing menus. The icons, and intuitive shortcuts make notating much quicker than you would have thought.
  • Personal Composer auto positions notes at the correct beat positions for you.
  • You are given the control to override any auto positioning by dragging elements wherever you wish.
  • Add petite notes on the fly by highlighting a note, and pressing P on the keyboard.
  • Enjoy the intuitive system of adding grace notes.
  • Add slurs, ties, dynamics, lyrics and tempo changes with ease. Slurs now attach to the notes, and resize with measure adjustments and note position changes!
  • Easily add, delete or drag notes by using your mouse. Your right button simply deletes a note.
  • If you are connected to a midi keyboard, simply press the note or chord you wish to add. See your note or chord created in real time! Compose music even quicker with this method.
  • Easily resize measures by dragging the barline with your mouse.
  • Press the "insert" or "delete" key on the keyboard, to add or delete measures in real time.
  • Older computer systems can run Personal Composer with impressive speed. This program is not a resource hog.