Below is a list of some of our key features that distinguishes Music Jotter as a powerful music editor. Some of our key features include audio scrubbing, easy tuple entry, and an intuitive and easy to use mixer.

Audio Scrubbing, Tuple Entry, Mixer …

  • Not offered by some of the top music notation software applications, you may scrub your music by pressing Z to toggle the audio scrubbing mode, and drag a barline to hear playback.  This eliminates the need to play your score if you want to zone in on a specific section.
  • Easiest to use tuple entry system in any composition software to date.  Simply choose a ratio and enter notes or rests.  Music Jotter automatically handles the grouping on ANY tuple ratio without the need for continuous reapplication.
  • Hover your mouse over any measure and press space to play from that measure.  Or left click to highlight measure to always play from that measure.  Press Up/Down during playback to “scroll” through systems.
  • Save as PDF, where score is beautifully antialiased for presentation.
  • Save to musicXML format or open a musicXML formatted file.
  • Supports dynamic or static formatting giving you control if desired.  Can be changed in options.
  • Add text and lyrics.
  • An easy to use repeat and barline system implementation.
  • Supports realistic playback using metrics such as randomized tempo, volume, attack and duration.
  • Velocity symbols (pppp through ffff) can be aligned by Staves, Brace or Bracket or by a Piano Staff.
  • Easy object entry and deletion, left click adds note/rest/symbol/text, right click deletes note/rest/symbol/text.
  • Fully featured mixer to easily add instruments, change channels, update volume, pan, solo or mute tracks.
  • And much more.  See our documentation for a more extensive view.


  • Publish your piece for others to review.
  • Collaborate and engage in discussion on musical scores directly within Music Jotter.