Audio Scrubbing a score in Music Jotter is the process in which the user left clicks on the playbar, and drags it across the score either forwards or backwards. The music will then play alongside with the cursor at the speed at which the user drags the playbar.

Demonstrating a semi-transparent window overlapping a score during an audio scrubbing session

Toggle the Audio Scrubbing mode

You can toggle the audio scrubbing mode either through its shortcut Z, or by clicking on the Mixer View on the Layout tab as shown below:

The layout tab responsible for your score layout.


The playbar is a visual cue representing the point at which the scrubbing will take place. The speed at which the playbar is dragged will affect the speed at which the music plays back. Furthermore, the notes that do play will highlight a light green color to alert the user what notes are being played during the audio scrubbing.

Use Cases

  • If a user wishes to hear how a specific part of a measure sounds without necessarily playing back the piece in full.
  • Clicking parts of a score instead of dragging the playbar to listen to chords, rather than melody.
  • Useful to hear how a fast passage sounds without having to slow down the tempo on playback.