Da Capo plays a piece up to the D.C. symbol, then jumps back to the beginning of the piece and repeats the piece one time until reaching the D.C. symbol again.  Da Capo can be added to your score from the Repeats & Barlines Tab and by clicking on the Da Capo icon.  You must now select the Normal mode.  Instructions at the bottom of Music Jotter will aid you on the order in which to click on the measures for placement.  But the diagram below will also aid you.

The barline/repeat tab is responsible for various types of repeats (Da Capo, Dal Segno) and other barline options.

Selecting D.C. Normal

Click on the Da Capo icon and select mode Normal.

Implementation Diagram

  1. Select the measure to place D.C.

    Plays until D.C., jumps to the beginning of the piece, then finishes the piece at D.C. Da Capo is a simple repeat.

Removing Da Capo al Fine

If you wish to remove Da Capo select the Clear All icon located under the Special Repeats group.