Various options can be set in Music Jotter, and you can navigate to the options dialog by clicking on the file dropdown, and selecting Options.  Upon clicking on Options a dialog box will be displayed and from there you can choose from various tabs.

Midi Ports

Select from a list of midi ports that are available to your system.

A list of midi ports available on the system

Score Options

3 sections are available here: Dynamic/Static, Playback and Notes

Score options that affect your global settings


Note Cursor

  • A dynamic note cursor will convert your mouse cursor to how the note will look before inputted into the measure.
  • A static note cursor will convert your mouse cursor to a static circular note head, which is better suited for slower computers or larger scores.  Larger scores tend to lag.

Score Formatting

  • A dynamic score will auto format your score as you enter notes and rests.  When in this mode, the user has no control over the score layout.
  • A static score will not auto format your score as you enter notes and rests.  You have complete control over the number of measures per system and systems per page.  Select this option for faster note entry and an overall smoother experience if you are having issues with speed.


Cursor Type

  • Colored Notes is selected by default, and highlight notes a light green color.  Useful if seeing notation detail during playback is important.
  • Play Bar will display a semi transparent red bar to play over the notes instead of highlights.  Useful if seeing tempo change during playback is important.


  • Real time playback instantly plays back your piece, but this can be an issue if memory is limited, sometimes cause popping sounds.  If this is an issue, select:
  • Buffered playback.  The only drawback to buffered playback is that there is a slight delay when playing back a piece using this method.


Playback scrolls to the leftmost measure.  Most of the time, leaving this checked is OK.  But sometimes this can get tiresome and unnecessary if the playback occurs when the Booklet View mode is selected.  If this is the case, uncheck the checkbox so that scrolling along the x-axis does not occur.


Beam 8th Notes by

  • 4 notes
  • 2 notes


  • Enter notes in between other notes
  • Auto spacing a measure while inputting notes or rests
  • Moving the cursor while deleting notes

Reset Config

Resetting all global config values may sometimes be necessary, and if you do so, you will be asked to log into Music Jotter the next time you enter the software.  There may be an instance where you wish to install Music Jotter onto a new computer.  If you do this, Music Jotter will not work, and you must contact the administrator shown on the dialog box to assist.

Reset your global configuration

Key Shortcuts

Key shortcuts are designed to help the users of Music Jotter navigate the software even more freely.