The My Music Tab contains the following groups:

The network tab focuses the users on the social aspects of Music Jotter.


The selection group is located on every tab.

Object Select

When selecting this icon, your mouse icon changes to a blue dot.  Hover over a note, grace note, rest or dynamic and double click to edit properties, left click to drag to change the note pitch, or left click and drag to move the dynamic.  Right click to delete the object.

Measure Select

Click the Measure Select icon to left click and drag a rubber band around music objects.  You may also left click and select one or more measures at a time.

Pan Score

Click the Pan Score icon to left click and pan the score.


Music Jotter enables you to publish your score to be viewed, commented on and edited by others.  Each version saved by you and other members will be added as another version that can be viewed by the community.

View Score Versions

Opens a dialog box that will display a list of your score versions.

My Compositions – Score List

Opens a dialog box that will display a list of the your scores, ordered by latest submission.