All you have to do is look around and you’ll see more stress triggers than things that improve your mood. Life in modern times has become the same monotonous grind that has killed all reasons for joy. From a grilling work routine to a tedious commute around an urban maze; our lives have turned us more into mechanical robots, than living, breathing humans. This routine is not only physically exhausting but also emotionally taxing because it compromises on your soulful nature.

Coming generations are more and more in need for things that help revive their spirits, which are being lost in the daily grind. There are times when a loss of contact with your inner self can cost you your dearest relationships and most valuable traits. Reading, dancing and music are some of the few things that help revitalize you with the energy you once possessed and bring out your soul in everything you do.

Ever wonder how your playlist is able to reflect the mood you’re in? Here’s how.

Helps You Grieve Productively

Most people resort to their favorite musical instrument during their blue moments. Somehow running your fingers over a keyboard in a familiar fashion or plucking the strings of your guitar is soothingly cathartic. There’s something about the bond you build with your music that helps bring you closer to your inner self and reminds you of your being at times when you feel like you’re losing yourself.

Depending on your mood, you might want to indulge in music that calms your nerves and comforts you in a way no human company. Music is like the silent company of an understanding partner who gets exactly what you’re not able to say. It heals the soul by comprehending the inexplicable and reciprocating in ways that you need most.

 A Celebration in Itself

There are times when you feel you’re at the top of the world. It could be because of materialistic success or just another one of those times when you feel accomplished for reasons that others won’t understand.

Humans are driven by a complex set of impulses that often makes their reactions to things not a correct representation of their true intentions. For instance, envy may as simply plague pure happiness and dampen a hearty response to someone’s success. This is why sharing your happy moment with anything but your comfort music runs the risk of disappointment.

A favorite tune or instrument, on the other hand, will infallibly satisfy your urges or play at your whims. The mere act of playing or listening to music is a celebration fit for any occasion or accomplishment.

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