Music has long been the language that the heart speaks in, and it’s only soulful when it comes directly from sentiments embedded deep within your soul. Anything fake which claims to be art is not in fact art. In order to earn that title, it needs to be original, honest and meaningful.

Even though human condition takes various colors and forms but at its core, it’s universally homogenous. Every man that has ever walked this earth has been driven by the same motivations and impulses that tempt another and the cause of the tragic fall of a mortal hero could be traced back to this condition.

True music speaks to us on a level that makes our human condition transparent and visible to our inner eye. It is the sheer audacity of this medium to reveal the unseen that strikes a chord when a musical note or a song sticks with us.

Here’s why it’s hugely important for the music industry and indie artists to product songs of a standard that creates a bond of honesty between music and man.

Putting Up A Show

It’s true that success, in its real terms, is measured by the number of successful performances you’re able to put up on stage, the number of record labels you’ve signed and the success rate that your songs have achieved. But it’s important to note that these are all numbers that even together can’t quantify the worth of honest music.

The music artist and their audience share a relationship which is based on expectations. The expectation to produce popular music and the expectation to receive newest releases with the level of zeal promised are active agents that operate this relationship. It’s often under the burden of these expectations that the truth in music suffers. There needs to be a balance between selling your music successfully and portraying a distinct truthfulness in it that people actually buy.

Honesty; Not Restraint

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to let honesty rule your instincts and let your music release into the world raw and uncensored. The fear of vulnerability and the risk of exposure is always there but like the basic business principle dictates: where there are high risks, there are also high returns. However, honesty doesn’t have to be the musician’s personal life experiences or private emotions. Like we said, music is the channel that you create between human condition and the masses and it is only through this channel that they attempt to reconnect with their self. Music narrates the millions of stories that go unheard and celebrates ordinary heroes whose sacrifices are left unsung. And this is why the element of honesty must not restrain the beauty of pure truth in music just because it’s too personal to be shared.

Noticing the Unseen

As you go about a normal day in your life, what are the few things that catch your eye on the way to work or come up in your mind while you chew your cereal? An artist always has a keen eye for the tiny details that go unseen. It’s the beauty of their music that zooms in on those intricacies and portrays them as honestly as possible. The motivation behind plugging in your electric guitar or placing your hands on the keys shouldn’t be to make a name and fame for yourself but rather to serve justice to your art. It’s a very exhausting task to notice everything around you and present it in a way that makes it noticeable to others. But it’s the heartfelt response you get for the effort that makes it all worth it.

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