There are many benefits to kids learning to play a musical instrument, but with so many instruments out there, how do you get your kids to pick the right one for them?

1) Introduce them to different kinds of music

There are certain musical instruments that dominate each genre. Rock music is built around drums and electric guitars; Country music features a lot of acoustic guitars while a lot of RnB and Soul music use pianos.

Introduce your child to a variety of music and see what genre they respond to most. When learning a musical instrument, they will be required to listen to music pieces that feature their preferred instrument so it is best to go with what they like. There’s no point of handing your child a violin when all they listen to is Hip Hop!

2) Understand the complexity of instruments

Some musical instruments are much more difficult to learn than others. Think of your child’s attention capacity, their tenacity and their ability to put in the work needed to master a complex instrument.

Many children are able to use online videos to teach themselves how to play the guitar and the piano but the same cannot be said for classical instruments that tend to be more complicated. To learn most classical instruments, you’ll need to find your child an experienced tutor.

3) Ensemble vs solo

Another important factor you need to keep in mind is that many musical instruments are only played in an ensemble while others can be played on their own and sound beautiful. If you’re child enjoys socializing, then pushing them toward an ensemble musical instrument is good idea.

On the other hand, if your kid enjoys their own company, then hand them a guitar or piano. They’re your best options.

4) Do they like to write?

Singer-song writers almost always prefer solo musical instruments over ensemble instruments. If you think your child is the type who can enjoy writing their own lyrics one day, then go for a solo instrument.

Artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth are all skilled guitar and piano players and have churned out global hits in the last few years!

If your child does like to write and is interested in creating their own music, you can build further develop their skills using a music notation software.

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