As a composer, choosing the right kind of music editing software can be quite the chore. There have been leaps and bounds in the development of such tools, and while they provide you with many options to explore, choosing one requires some careful thought.

With software like this, you want to find the right balance between something that is not too technical, while providing you all the necessary tools needed to compose and edit sheet music with ease.

When looking to purchase a music composition software for your PC, there a few factors that require your attention before you decide to go ahead.


Naturally, if you’re operating on a budget, price should be a significant factor of consideration. While it’s important to stick to your price limit, a decent composition software isn’t going to be dirt cheap! However, do make sure to do your research to ensure you aren’t being over charged.


Any music composition tool you invest in should be able to provide you with the user-friendly experience that you require. If you’re spending too much time just trying to understand how to use the software, then it will take valuable time and focus away from the artistic process.


There are a number of essential features you’re going to need for your composition needs. From midi scrubbing and efficient tuple entry, whichever software you choose to purchase needs to offer you features that streamline the composing and editing process.


There’s always room for improvement, and software that provides automatic updates should be your goal! This will be a surefire way to know that there will be constant development in the features that your notation and composition tool is providing you.

Music Jotter is one such composition and notation tool that offers you all of this, and more! It is designed to be the ultimate user-friendly experience, with a convenient layout that can be navigated with considerable ease.

It possesses a complete set of convenient features that make the process of composing and editing sheet music a relative breeze. Through this type of design, we aim to let users focus on their art and their craft, rather than getting lost in the intricacies of how the software even works!

Our price plans aren’t too shabby either—you get a full feature music notation tool that works like a charm at a highly affordable rate, and you can choose to pay in installments if you so wish. Try out a free demo if you aren’t convinced; Music Jotter will not disappoint!