A lot of people tend to pick up instruments from an early age, whether it’s the piano, guitar, or violin. While individuals of all ages find it beneficial to learn an instrument and build off that in the future, learning music theory brings with its own benefits.

What is Music Theory?

Music theory is essentially what you would call the language of music. While many may find music to be an instinctive thing, music theory gives you a way to express the music you hear and play in a concrete manner.

The way music theory works is very much like the ins and outs of any other language. Just as you may be a skillful speaker of German, without knowing how to write it you could not be considered as one who has mastered the language completely. Similarly, even if you are a fairly accomplished musician, without music theory, you will be unable to read and transcribe music in its beautiful written form. In order to be a truly good musician, that is a skill you must foster.

The Benefits of Learning Music Theory

Learning music theory will give any musician a better command over notes and rhythms, allowing them to be able to read and compose music with greater ease and fluency. This lends itself significantly towards being able to further expand one’s own brand of music, as you will possess the skills needed to be able to bring to fruition your own unique sense of musical expression.

On learning music theory, you will be able to better identify chord progressions, which will result in giving you a good idea of what scales, phrases, and arpeggios will go well with any specific composition sequence.

You will know what notes work better and where they fit in, as well as be well-versed in the intricacies of notes, intervals, chords, and formal phrase structures.

If you do indeed choose to go about the process of learning music theory to enhance your capabilities as a musician, you will certainly be much better equipped to compose music at the end of the day.

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