The benefits of learning to play the piano aren’t a secret. Research has shown that learning piano makes people smarter; it improves their teaching abilities and is a known stress-reliever.

Since piano makes people smarter, can you imagine the wisdom that famous piano players have to impart?

Check out the powerful lessons we can learn from famous piano players:

1) Mozart – Competition makes you better

Mozart and his so called-rival Silieri were actually good friends and supported each other. They appreciated each other’s work. They even collaborated on a cantata. Competition brings out the best in us, Mozart knew this well. He loves Sileri’s work and would often go to his performances.

2) Fredrick Chopin – A network of friends is always useful

Chopin has a bunch of famous friends who helped him climb the social ladder. They presented him with opportunities he wouldn’t have had otherwise. His networking abilities opened many doors for him and Chopin soon took his position as the one of the most renowned composers of his time.

3) Beethoven – Go with your gut

One of the most famous composers out there, Beethoven, lost most of his hearing in the final years of his life. However, his hearing loss didn’t impact his ability to create the world’s most recognized compositions. Some of Beethoven’s best work came after his hearing began declining.

He depended on his tonal memory and his instincts to create magical compositions which he was never able to listen to.

4) Franz Liszt – Share your wisdom

Liszt’s performances were loaded with emotions, his passion was clear for everyone to see. His love for music is likely what drove him to teach piano lessons for free. He urged students express their unique styles through their compositions. Liszt regularly shared his experiences with his students in hopes of inspiring them and motivating them to keep pursuing their dreams.

5) Franz Schubert – Perseverance is key

Speaking of being an inspiration, Schubert didn’t live a long life. He died at the young age of 31, but left us with seven beautiful symphonies. When asked how he was able to produce such magnificent work at such a young age, Schubert explained that he composed music every morning.

Schubert knew he wanted to be a big composer and he perfected his art by working on it every day – something we can all learn from.

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