Music Notation Software has impacted the world of music in many ways. It has transformed how music is created.

Earlier, the creation of music was left to skilled experts who had experience in playing instruments. The best composers played several instruments and were equipped to lead large orchestras. At the time, only those who had undergone years of training in music, composed music.

Then came the 21st Century, where we were introduced to the music notation software. With the software, amateurs are able to make music – all you need, is a good ear.

Here are a few ways music notation software has impacted the industry.

1) Anyone can do it

As mentioned above, music notation software has opened up the art of making music to everyone. The software lets those who haven’t taken a single music class compose their own pieces. Music–lovers who can appreciate the nuances of good music can use the software and attempt to create their own songs.

2) No need for instruments

Music notation software contain a database of sounds from all types of instruments, eliminating the need of actual instruments. Musical instruments don’t come cheap and when you do purchase them, you need to learn how to play them. Digital music doesn’t require instruments. With the click of a mouse and a few keyboard strokes, you have the world’s instruments at your fingertips.

3) The process is faster

Back in the day, making a song took a long time. The musicians had to be collected. Creating a song was a collaborative effort between the composer and the different groups of musicians. Slight changes in the arrangement will require all the musicians to regroup.

Now, the process is much simpler. Musicians do not need to be called into play instruments.  Complex music notation software, let composers develop various ‘tracks’ which they hear as they compose their piece. They can experiment with various instruments on the spot. Edits can be made without the need of calling any other musicians in.

When you hear music personalities boast that there song was completed in a matter of a couple of days, you know they are using music notation software.

4) Collaboration is easier

Music notation software eliminates the need of musicians to be physically working together. Before, artists had to be called in to the studio for recordings but now they can send recordings over to the producers via email.

The producer is able to extract the vocals and mix it with the rest of the tracks to create a piece.

You still do require skills to make a good song using music notation software but those skills can be mastered over time.

Music Jotter’s music composition software comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it such a good choice for beginners. Our software comes with a user-manual which makes the learning process smoother. The user-manual is concise and easy-to-understand.

We want everyone to be able to compose their own music! Download our demo today and contact us to find out more!