Playing the piano is wonderful. When you first start off, you dream of being one of the greats and then realize that their brain was operating at a higher level. That sort of greatness is only achieved by devoting every single moment to your music.

As excited as you are about playing the piano, there are a few problems that all pianists have undergone.

1) Your fingers can’t be long enough

The need for ‘piano fingers’ is real. As an aspiring pianist, you secretly wish that one day your fingers will stretch long enough to cover an octave. Having perfectly long and nimble fingers makes life so much easier for a pianist.

2) Turning the page

Who would have thought that having to turn a page could be so aggravating? Only pianists will understand the frustration that comes with taking your fingers off the keys to turn to the next page of music. It totally messes with your flow! Luckily, technology has solved this age-old problem. Music software/apps move forwards on their own. We never have to stop playing to turn to the next page again!

3) Limitations of your fingers

You know how to move ahead with your piece. You can hear it playing in your head but your fingers aren’t helping. The best pianists’ fingers just glide over the keys like butter but that takes time to master. It’s agitating when your fingers can’t keep up.

If you’re looking to play the piano to create music of your own but are having trouble playing the piece, switch to a music notation software. With the help of the sequencer, you can easily increase the pace of music with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Playing with cold hands

A cold room is a pianists’ kryptonite. Having stiff fingers is never a good thing when playing the piano. When you can’t get your fingers to move, how are you supposed to play? No pianist likes to be in a cold room – it prevents them from doing what they love!

  • Mastering the many sharps and flats

The best pieces of music are loaded with quick sharps and flats. As a budding pianist, you want to be able to play them but you’ll soon learn that it can only be done with patience and persistence.

Music Jotter’s music notation software simplifies the process of creating sheet music. Not only does it let you create your own music but it allows you to publish your music for others to review – something all aspiring musicians need.

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