For some reason the concept of “learning music” seems to be reserved for the kids. There’s this misconception that learning music as an adult is much harder than it is for kids. There are some things that kids pick up much more easily than adults such as technology and languages but music isn’t one of them.

In fact, research has shown that adults actually have some advantages over kids when it comes to learning music.

Whether you’re learning music as an adult or a child, here are some ways it will change your life for the better:

1) It improves your health

When you grow older you realize that there is much more to your health than just eating and exercising. Sure having a healthy lifestyle is important but there are other factors that also play a role such as stress, loneliness, etc.

Music has shown to help with hypertension, lower stress and even strengthen your immune system. When we’re under stress, cortisol levels in our body spike. This causes inflammation and makes us vulnerable to infections and viruses.

Learning and listening to music reduces stress and improves our health.

2) It makes us smarter

greatest musicians

Some of the world’s greatest musicians also happen to be geniuses. This is because learning and creating music activates several portions of the brain.

Studies have shown that music can improve memory, cognitive abilities, processing skills and verbal fluency amongst senior adults (aged 60-85yrs).

3) It makes you confident

Learning and creating music will encourage you to put yourself in front of other share your work with them. We all like doing things others can’t do; you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after you’ve mastered the art of creating music.

4) It teaches you discipline and patience

Mastering music requires a lot of skill and practice; it isn’t easy. To come out on top you need to commit wholeheartedly and put in the work.

5) It makes you creative

There’s no surprise that music stimulates creativity. During your lessons, you’ll learn basic rules which you’ll build on. Once you’ve learned to play and instrument, you can begin to use it to express yourself. It won’t be long before you can write your own pieces.

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