When music and technology collide, the result is a supernova of vast, ground-breaking potential, and music education is the field that stands to gain the most from the plethora of new possibilities. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, music classrooms around the world are moving towards more tech-based curriculums which are more engaging for both, the teacher and the students. Here are some instances of how technology is revolutionizing music classrooms.

Music Notation Software

Perhaps the most useful tool for music teachers and students around the globe, music notation programs have made learning music theory a breeze for students. While there is a plethora of music notation programs available, one of the most popular ones is Music Jotter. In addition to a wide array of useful features, Music Jotter also has a highly functional and minimalistic user interface which makes it easier for students and teachers to adapt to it.

Utilizing MIDI & Sequencers in Classrooms

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is an innovation that has been a revelation for music classrooms around the world. MIDI files enable students to explore a wide array of electronic musical instruments. MIDI and sequencers provide music teachers and students the ability to experiment with and manipulate different musical elements.

Digital Audio Workshop (DAW) Platforms

Initially technology only professional musicians had access to; Digital Audio Workshop platforms have found their way to musical classrooms as well. In fact, they have become so popular that now they are included in the basic software package of most new computers. Whether it’s a simple tune or complex professional recordings, DAW platforms allow users to record, edit, mix and master audio files.

Music & Ear Trainers

Having a musical ear is a critical skill for any music instructor, and the only way to attain and hone this skill is through practice. Back in the day, music teachers had to schedule individual appointments or small group classes with their students to hone their musical ear skills. But now we have ear trainer apps which are more convenient and efficient than the conventional process.

The World Wide Web

Although it’s older than all of the technologies mentioned above, the internet remains the best tool for music teachers and students alike. Everything a music teacher or student needs can be found on the internet, such information on different teaching techniques, information on famous musicians, and all the songs there have ever been. Teachers can also use the internet to create interactive projects for students by combining the technologies mentioned above.

If you are a music instructor looking for a way to make your classroom more fun and engaging for your students, Music Jotter is the way to go! It’s music notation software that provides an extensive array of useful features wrapped in a user friendly interface. Download our free demo and see for yourself!