Everybody knows the rap-guru Eminem and his phenomenal rapping skills—but did you know that rapping can actually be a great way to boost your self-confidence? Yes, you heard us right! Music has a magical way of making you nostalgic with memories that you seem to have forgotten, making us appreciative of the small things.

Here’s how hip hop music has a profound effect on the listeners:

Reinforces positive visual imagery

Ever heard rap music that’s based on a rags-to-riches story? According to a study conducted by the psychology department of the Cambridge University, rap music with rags-to-riches stories exhibits positive self imagery—envisioning where one would like to be, thereby facilitating the progression to a superior mental position. This positive impact in turn plays a favourable role in goal setting. The study also shows that rap is more of a cathartic release than a simple celebration of one’s success and excess of material.

Reminder of self-worth

Rap music is not a humble form of music—it’s all about telling others how great the rapper is and that they’re better than others. The pompous nature of the lyrics teaches listeners their value and to not settle for anything lesser than what they deserve. It reinforces the importance of your exclusivity and uniqueness—a reminder that we all could use every once in a while.

Teaches gratitude

In their songs, rappers share their life-experiences and talk about how they’ve risen above all the ups and downs in their lives to come so far. Rap music teaches listeners to embrace their past and empower themselves with the lessons that came with those experiences. With acceptance of the past comes gratitude the present—you wouldn’t be as wise if it weren’t for those past experiences.

Be who you are

Rappers give an unwavering message of embracing their true self and being authentic—they don’t care about what other people have to say and aren’t afraid of any judgement. They teach listeners to be confident in their originality and express themselves in whatever way they want.

Never stop learning

While rappers do boast about their achievements, they also talk about how practice is important. They believe in putting regular effort towards their art, and remind us of how continuous learning is essential for continuous growth.

Accept the journey

Rappers accept their circumstances. They don’t play the blame game or hold others responsible for what happens in their journey.

Listening to rap reinvigorates one’s faith in how the universe has a plan for everyone. It reminds you to strive for the best and let the journey guide you to your destination. The music reflects on the concept of manifestation and trials, teaching you to have patience and believe in the process.

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