Technology has revolutionized the way we do things and has made life very convenient. E-mail has replaced traditional letters, e-books have started replacing books, e-wallets are starting to replace old-school wallets; but what about music sheets? Is there a creative and convenient replacement for paper sheets music? The answer is, yes!

Digital sheets have gained increasing popularity with musicians, who love the idea of not having to carry their sheets or worry about losing them.

Here are a few advantages of digital sheets, proving why they’re better than their paper counterparts:

Portable Music

You don’t have to worry about carrying heavy binders and books, all you need is a good storage device, like a tablet or a PC and you’re good to go! Convert your music files into digital files and transfer them to your tablet, then carry your music around with you wherever, whenever!

Easy search

Imagine having to dig into hundreds of music sheets only to look for that one piece that you need—well, that’s a terrible waste of time! With digital sheets, finding the desired music is no trouble anymore. Open your sheet, search for the name of the piece and there you have it!

What’s more, if you don’t have a certain music piece, you can simply download it off the internet!

Mark up feature

Every musician marks their music notes with reminders of bowings, fingerings, note names and specific rhythms; and it’s possible to do it on your digital sheets too! With digital sheets, not only can you mark up your music with different colors, you can also erase any mark up without spoiling the sheet.

Zoom in on your music

Unlike paper sheets, digital sheets allow you to zoom in on the music. Several apps will allow you to tilt the tablet and enter into an enlarged view of the sheet; making it easier for you to read the notes while you play. You can also find apps that have the feature of creating custom-views that are suited to your personal use.

Convenient page-turning

With digital sheets, you don’t have to face the unnecessary hassle of playing the instrument and simultaneously turning the sheet. Your device, tablets or computer, has some very fascinating accessories that allow for hands-free page-turning; for example the AirTurn DUO that goes with an IPAD can turn pages just by pressing pedals under your feet.

Musicians all around the world are gradually shifting to digital sheet music, and it’s time that you do too. Music Jotter is a sheet music composer software that has all the features required to give you a quality experience making your very own digital sheet music. Grab your software now, and let the magic begin!