Music is more than a hobby or a pastime. It gives you the ability to stir emotions, evoke memories, and make someone feel instantly better. This quality is remarkably unique and unparalleled at the same time.

People play and listen to music for a variety of reasons. These include everything from relieving stress to perfecting your craft.

Those who are actively involved in music composition and production are more creative, productive, and confident. According to Forbes, every kid should learn to play at least one instrument. It enables them to give life to their creative ideas, and gives them the tenacity to persevere, while also increases their focusing capabilities.

Let’s look at some of the easiest instruments you can pick up today.


A lot of people wrongly assume that a ukulele is a toy guitar, and tend not to take it seriously. The biggest advantage that a ukulele has over a guitar is that it’s inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for beginners. While a proper guitar has an average of six nylon strings, the ukulele has four. For those who eventually want to play the guitar someday, a ukulele serves as a good foundation to start off with.

The ukulele is a common choice for those who want a bit of music to accompany their vocals. The chords are super easy to learn for children and adults alike, and the rhythm has a fun and light feel to it.

For those who are enthusiastic and have limited resources, you don’t necessarily need to hire a music teacher to learn how to play the ukulele. A bit of genuine passion and a few YouTube tutorials make it possible for you to be a pro in a few days.


Percussions encompass a wide range of instruments with varying levels of difficulty. If you’re into percussions, you don’t need to start off with drums. Drums are hard to learn and need lots of practice. Also, playing the drums can be physically very stressful and demanding.

Start with a small shaker, Cajón or a Djembe. Both of these are super fun to jam with and also don’t take up a lot of effort from a learning point of view. Percussion instruments vary for every culture and ethnicity. Learning how to play them gives you insight into what meaning music holds for other cultures.

A lot of drummers associate drumming with stress and frustration relieving as well. Also, percussionists need to actively coordinate with other instruments players. The beat forms the main structure of every song. All other instruments only follow. This puts the player in a state of confidence and helps them improve their coordination skills.


Hailing from the woodwind family, this one’s very different from other instruments used in the music production process. The best aspect of a flute is its versatility. The use of a flute isn’t restricted to a certain genre. You can create a flute cover of any song; be it jazz, pop, country, or opera.

Compared to stringed instruments, the sound of a flute is very relaxing and soothing. It instills self-discipline and confidence in the one playing it and it’s also easier.

After you’ve picked up an instrument, the next step is to get composing. Music Jotter is an online music notation software that helps you record, create, and compose your own music easily. To download it, visit our website.