It’s true that when words cannot be expressed, music conveys the message. Have you ever found yourself listening to a song when you’re depressed, anxious, or excited? It is said that music is the language that we don’t need to learn to understand each other.

The type of music we listen to depends on how we feel. This is simply because music is not just for entertainment; it’s an outlet for expressing our thoughts, opinions, and concerns. It’s a way of conveying our feelings to someone we love and cherish. It’s a way of letting others peek into our soul, our mind, and our heart.

With that in mind, what effect does music have on our mind?

According to research, music has a significant impact on our mood. It has the power to change the way we feel, and the way we express ourselves.

Have you ever found yourself listening to a composition while angry or upset, only to calm down a while later? This is because you can relate to that certain song, and the melody helps soothe your pain. It helps elevate your mood and alleviate stress levels.

When you listen to music, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters responsible for adrenaline rushes and the feelings of joy, and happiness.

Why Music is Important

Music is not just important to helping boost your mood. It carries other functions as well. It’s not just a platform for communicating with people who share the same ideologies. Did you know that music can help make you smarter?

When you listen to music in another language, you learn more about the culture of that country. You learn about things you never knew before, you become more open-minded to other languages, countries, and cultures.

When you listen to music, you’re able to expand your vocabulary. You learn new words you never knew even existed!

How many times have you listened to your favorite artist and looked up the meaning of a particular word they used?

It also helps broaden your horizon and look at things in another perspective. How many times have you listened to a sad song and thought, “So, that’s what some people go through?”

All in all, music is a great way to learn. But you know what? Listening is good but playing is even better!

When you play music, you’re able to release your creative side, boost your mood, and learn new ways to tackle problems by working with different instruments in different ways.

If you’re planning to start composing your own song, it’s understandable that you’re confused, not knowing where to start. Start with music notation software. You don’t need technical knowledge to learn how to compose music using sheet music.

Music Jotter allows you to create compelling music with ease. Whether you’re a budding musician or an experienced one, composition has never been simpler!

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