Learning to play a guitar or a piano can help you develop your own music one day. These instruments don’t require to be supplemented with other instruments to sound good.

These iconic keyboard players made careers using just their vocals, their song-writing abilities and their piano skills to create tunes the world will never forget!

1) Billy Joel

Billy Joel is one of the most influential piano players of his times. Inspired by the early Rock & Roll and R&B artists, Joel gave the industry pop melodies that will never be forgotten. With his relatable, unpretentious lyrics and his ability to tell stories through his songs, Billy Joel became an overnight success with the release of his first single, Piano Man.

Joel’s Piano Man is a retelling of his personal experience as a singer in a piano lounge. The characters mentioned in the songs are based on the people that worked in the lounge with him.

2) Elton John

You can’t talk about legendary keyboard players without talking about Elton John.  John was hired as a weekend pianist at a pub near his house when he was just 15 years old. After his gig at the pub, John joined a music group called Bluesology who became opening artists for musicians such as Patti Labelle Major Lance, The Isley Brothers and more.

Elton John released his first album in 1970 and found immediate success. The albums that followed turned Elton John into the music sensation he is today.

3) Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is and will always remain a music legend. Despite his blindness, Joel mastered playing the piano when he was just a kid. His talent was recognized by the Motown Records producer, Barry Gordy Jr. and soared to fame after his first single was released.  Determined to be taken seriously as a musician, Stevie went on to study piano and songwriting professionally  while simultaneously releasing hit after hit.

4) Alicia Keys

Like Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys also studied piano and classical music professionally. Keys was only 7yrs old when she began studying classical piano consisting of music pieces by legends such as Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.

Keys has established herself as force in the world of R&B and Soul music with consecutive #1 R&B albums and numerous accolades including 15 Grammy Awards.

These music legends may have started studying piano at a young age and perfected their craft over the course of many years but learning music is much easier now.

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