We’ve been advised to continue exercising our brain in order to slow down the damaging effects of aging. This need to train our brain has led to the increase of mobile phone applications and software that aim to help us sharpen our brains. But there are more productive ways to training your brain than playing games on your phone or laptop.

According to recent scientific studies, learning music improves the health of your brain significantly.

Research shows us that learning music restructures our brain. Enhances long-term memory and boosts brain development (for those who start learning earlier on in life).

Here are a few ways learning music can sharpen the brain:

1) It Connects The Right And Left Halves Of The Brain

Through various studies we know that the nerve fibers that connect the brain are larger in musicians. Keyboard players specifically have enlarged portions of the brain that control movement, visual palatial abilities and hearing.

Younger children who took musical lessons had much stronger brain structures than those who do not. They have better verbal memory, literacy skills and improved spatial reasoning.

2) It Boosts Reading And Memory

Memory and reading skills are associated with cognitive mechanisms and neural activity which is positively impacted by learning music.

3) It Makes You Better At Multitasking

Learning music engages multiple senses, enhancing your ability to multitask. With time, your multisensory abilities will also improve.

4) Pushes Blood To The Brain

Blood regulation is necessary for cell regeneration. Like exercise, learning music also increases blood-flow to the brain. As a result, your brain cells recover from any damage they have undergone and you receive a burst of energy.

5) It Reduces Stress And Depression

Listening to the right music has a calming effect on the body. This soothing effect is even more amplified when learning music. Since so many regions of the brain are involved in learning music, it distracts us from stress triggers.

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