There’s been a lot of conversation about whether dyslexia affects the ability to read music as well and many studies have found that it does. A person with music dyslexia finds it challenging to read and interpret music just like they struggle with words.

Music is also written differently for each instrument which makes if even more difficult for people to pick it up.

How does the brain affect your ability to learn music?

People with dyslexia are wired slightly differently in the brain which is what makes it harder for them to interpret letters, understand the difference between space/time, etc. Although understanding music and reading words happens in distinct parts of the brain, they do share some of the same networks.

There are programs put in place to help dyslexic children overcome their condition and refine their reading skills but the same is yet to be done for music. Dyslexic children may not able to read and interpret notes like other children but there are ways to bypass their limitations.

Dyslexic individuals who enjoy music can create it without having to read notes by using music notation software.

How music notation software helps

Because music notation software doesn’t require people to read, dyslexic individuals are able to create music without worrying about their ability to write and read notes. They simply have to follow sounds made by the buttons.

Music notation software offers a visualisation of the notes, making it easier for dyslexic people to interpret.

To start them off, ask them to practice playing simple nursery rhymes on the software so they get the hang of it. It will require a lot of practise but once they begin to understand the process, they can try making new music.

Music notation software also saves them the time that is required to learn a musical instrument. Anyone can use a music notation software regardless of whether they come from a musical background or not.

Features of a music notation software

All music notation software comes with its share of buttons and knobs. Dyslexic individuals can get overwhelmed with software that has a cluttered interface so it’s best to opt for one that is user-friendly.

Music Jotter offers users an easy-to-use music notation software that comes with a handy user-manual to explain all its features in detail, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike.  Download a free demo of the software to get a closer look at all that it offers and purchase it online today!