Musical notation has come a long way; it was invented and then reinvented and then reinvented some more!

Music has also become more complex as the years have gone on. Song formats have changed from a standard “verse, chorus, verse, bridge” to a more freeform structure.

Layers of music are also added to a piece to give it more character. With the invention of Music Notation Software’s like Music Jotter, there have been some resounding changes that have come about in the composing method.

Here are some of the ways in which music notation software’s have impacted musicians:

You can hear what you have written

With the help of music notation software, you hear what you write. With the traditional music notation, you write the notes then get back to your instrument, then get back to your notes.

The process was much more tedious, and you wouldn’t get immediate results. With the evolution of the software, you can create your music notation on the screen and hear it simultaneously. You can also highlight a certain area of the notes you want to play out loud or just the cords.


With notation software, musicians can transform the notes however they like. The music can be easily adapted with the click of a button.

Previously, different instruments would have to be used to add a different dimension to the sound as well as manual transposing. With music notation software, such changes are made in a second. Unlike traditional engraving, you can also “undo” or delete mistakes you have made in the notation. You can have the correction played back instantly to you to with the software.

Midi Instruments

Gone are the days when you were required to record and play every piece of a 100-instrument orchestra.

Musicians today can create stunning layered pieces with just one midi instrument. You can have your midi instrument attached to your computer with the music notation software and that’s all you need. Talk about space saving! You’ll also be able to create a variation of sounds without actually investing in a host of other instruments.

Easy to Share

With the entry of music notation software on the scene, sharing the music you created is as easy as clicking a button. You can share your music files easily via email and upload them on famous websites to share with an audience and create a following for yourself.

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